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Fund the Democrat who will beat Trump in 2020

1. Set it and forget it.

Set up a monthly subscription to give until November 2020.

2. No middle person.

Your donation is held in “escrow” until we have a 2020 Democratic nominee. Then your donation goes directly to the campaign. Not to a party. Not to a superpac. To the nominee.

3. Peace of mind.

Sleep well at night, knowing that you’re already doing everything you can right now to make sure we beat Trump.
How much would you give each month to ensure Trump loses in 2020?
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Who we are.

Jonathan Zucker was the first COO and second CEO of ActBlue. Prior to that, he served the DNC as National Director of Operations for Finance during the 2003-2004 presidential cycle. More recently, he has founded or advised several political tech start-ups, including Democracy Engine,, and Crowdpac. LinkedIn Profile

Michele Hornish
Executive Director

Jerald Lentini
Deputy Director

Jeffrey Mikoni
Communications Strategist

Ben Resnik
Digital Strategist

Why are we doing this?

Because Donald J. Trump is a disaster — one we can’t just assume will go away.

He’s already raised tens of millions of dollars for his reelection campaign. He’s got a good head start. But we can still catch up.

How? By working together and starting early.

The power of recurring donations means that if only 1% of the people who voted against Trump chipped in $5/month starting in 2018 then we’d have almost $100 million to give the Democratic nominee by the election.

So while Trump will have a big war chest in 2020, we can make ours even bigger. And instead of being stocked with cash from high rolling donors, ours will be built with the power of thousands of people like us — and like you. People who have had enough of this disaster and want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re doing everything they can now to defeat him in 2020.

We hope you’ll join us. And Dump Trump.

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